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There is the age for chocolates and reign to be favourites amongst the majority of crowd globally. The feeling of chocolate melting in our mouth and slowly engulfing us in its molten taste is invincible. Chocolate is not only a delicacy but is known to release serotonin hormone that induces happiness. Chocolates are great as gifts because it instantly lights up anyone’s mood and there are creative chocolate packing available for gifting them on different occasions. Here are the top 10 chocolate brands in India.

10 Best Chocolate Brands In India

10) Lotus

The lotus chocolate company was founded in the year 1922 and within a short span of time was able to reach the market shelves. Most of the products are manufactured using cocoa powder and it started its journey into the chocolate market by initial supply to local shops. Some of the products are éclairs, milky punch, chuckles etc.

9) ChocOn

It ventured into chocolate production with the launch of its first chocolate product Milk n Nut in the year 1998. The company has not many chocolates to its credit but some of the popular product by the company are milk creme choco bar, chocOn coconut, chocolate bar etc.

8) Candyman

It is owned by ITC and launched the operation of sweets and chocolates in 2002. Candyman is more in manufacturing of toffees rather than chocolates and so far has done great in pulling off the Indian Market. Candyman toffees are good in taste and are popular mouth pop-ins. Some of its products are choco double éclairs, crème lacto, toffichoo, cofitino etc.

7) Campco

The Campco company was founded in the year 1973 in Mangalore and most of the chocolates are manufactured using Areca Nut. The company is also in selling, marketing and processing areca Nuts across India. Some of its products are Fun Tan, Bar, Krust, Turbo, Dairy cream etc.

6) Parle

It is one of the biggest biscuit manufacturing companies in India but also runs a small confectionary wing. Parle chocolates are a blend of mouth melting taste and exquisite quality. One of the oldest confectionary Kismi bar and toffee is a product of Parle. Other products manufactured by Parle are 2 in 1 eclair, fruit drops etc.

5) Mars

Mars as a company was founded in the USA in 1911 but a few years back started its manufacturing unit in India. It is known to manufacture chocolates that are more like energy bars and reduces hunger pangs. Two most popular chocolate bars are Mars and Snickers. It is one of the leading chocolate brands and also produces chocolates like galaxy, Twix, M&M’s, Skittle etc.

4) Ferrero India

It was started in India in the year 2004 and is one of the most loved chocolate brands in India. The refined and fine taste amalgamated with creamy filing covered with nut wafer is the signature chocolate design. Ferrero Rocher is the largest and most popular chocolate from Ferroro and melts in the mouth. Other products are Nutella, Raffaello, Mon Cheri etc.

3) Amul

It is undoubtedly the largest dairy product manufacturing company founded in 1946 in Gujrat and is more inclined towards the manufacture of milk chocolate. The milk chocolates are unique in taste with the right blend of cocoa and milk. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, almond bar, fruit & nut bar etc are some of the products manufactured by Amul.

2) Nestle

It is one of the leading brands for chocolates in India with its foundation laid in India in 1950’s. Nestle is one of the biggest consumer brands and is currently the second best selling chocolate company in India. Some of the products by Nestle are Kit Kat, Munch, Alpino, Bar-One etc.

1) Cadbury

Cadbury doesn’t need any introduction and is the undisputable king in the manufacturing of chocolates. It is the oldest Chocolate brand in India with its foundation laid in 1948 and continues to top the charts. Dairy Milk is the most popular chocolate from the house of Cadbury. Other products are gems, silk, perk, 5-star, Bourneville etc.

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