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Over use of pesticides, poaching and loss of habitat are some of the reasons behind extinction of some bird species in India. Luckily, peacock, the National Bird, is safe from extinction. According to government officials, poaching, habitual destruction, use of harmful chemicals and overuse of pesticides are the major threats for bird species that are facing extinction. Some of the severely endangered bird species are Indian Vulture, Red Headed Vulture, White Belled Heron, Pink Headed Duck, Siberian Crane, Forest Owlet, and others.

However the government has set up Wildlife Crime Control Bureau to eliminate illegal trade in wildlife, which also includes smuggling of endangered birds and their products or parts. In order to protect these birds, the government has taken strict measures and formed Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 to punish those violating the provisions. Here are some of the most endangered bird species in India.

#1 Great Indian Bustard

Weighs around 15 kg and around 1m tall, it is among the largest flying bird species. It is the largest land bird which habitats in tall grass, scrub, semi-arid grasslands and deserts of Rajasthan. Because of habitat loss and heavy hunting, this bird is on the verge of extinction.

#2 Forest Owlet

In the typical owl family, it is the heavily endangered owl species and it is found in forests of central India. A small population was rediscovered and it is found to be extinct. Small Forest Owlet is critically going to extinction in India. They are found mostly in Taloda Forest Range, Melghat Tiger Reserve and forests of Madhya Pradesh. Currently it is found it Maharashtra.

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#3 Red Headed Vulture

The so-called King Vulture or Indian Black Vulture, the Red Headed vulture comes from the family of Old World vultures in the Indian subcontinent. Because of increasing use of Diclofenac in producing veterinary medicine, this species is facing extinction. Slender-filled vulture, Indian vulture and white rumped vulture are few other species in India fall in this category.

#4 Spoon Billed Sandpiper

Habitat loss, very small population and lack of breeding grounds are some of the major threats taking this chick on extinction. They are found mostly in the delta of neighboring countries and Sunderban.

#5 Bengal Florican

It is one of the rare bustard species and it is native only in Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most endangered bird species and only 1000 young birds are found in Indian subcontinent. It is the rarest bustard in the world due to conversion of land into agricultural one and poaching.

#6 Jerdon’s Courser

It is found mostly in south of Andhra Pradesh and remained critically endangered because of habitat loss. It is found mostly in the valley of Godavari River, Eastern Ghats and Sri Lanka Malleshwara Sanctuary.

#7 Himalayan Quail

The beautiful and stunning quail comes from pheasant family and native only to northwest regions of India and western Himalayas in Uttarakhand. It is medium sized bird and flies only to close area.

#8 White Bellied Heron

Also called as Imperial Heron, the Great White bellied heron is native to Great Himalaya foothills and the eastern ranges of Himalayas. This grey and tall dark heron is large bird species that has longest neck without black stripes on neck.

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#9 Siberian Crane

These are migratory birds which visit India in winter season. These majestic birds are facing extinction over the past few years.

#10 Sociable Lapwing

This migratory bird comes to India from Kazakhstan’s open grasslands and it is native only to the north-west areas of India. These medium-sized lapwings are very appealing in looks because of their black legs, short black bill and dark belly. Major threat for these birds is the destruction of habitat.

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