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Printers come in handy when it comes to getting a hard copy of your text document or any other important document. Most of the people prefer having a printer at home for regular use. Usually, buyers opt for the small size because there need 5-6 prints in one day. 

In case you have the same need, then you can buy a good quality printer from reputed brands. But, we will suggest you go with all in one printer because they offer value to the money that you spent. Along with that, the built quality is remarkably good; that’s why they are better to opt for. 

6 Benefits of Having all in one printer

Here, we are mentioning the top 6 advantages which are easy to avail with the purchase of All in One printer from a reputed brand. 

  1. Saves Plenty of Space

Having three different units in one place makes it hard to use all the units. Multifunctional printers have Scan, Copy, and Printing feature for sure. Getting all in one place means you will have a compact sized machine which is easy to use as compared to three different large-sized products. 

  1. Help by Saving Money

In case you spend money on a reputed brand printer and scanner, then it will cost you double the amount of multifunction printer. If you want to save money and without making many efforts, then you should go after an All in One choice for sure. 

  1. Higher Convenience

A single machine is easier to use as you compare it with the other ones. Two different machine means different driver software, different user interface, and no tuning between both tools. It reduces productivity and makes you feel confused. You can expect better convenience from a multifunctional device. 

  1. Energy Efficient 

Keeping two different machines turned on will make you pay extra bills for electricity consumption. When you buy a multifunctional printer, you save money on bills and device. So, you can expect the benefits of both worlds in a single unit, that’s why it is an energy-efficient choice for buyers. 

  1. Better Connectivity 

A single driver tool is required to get all the benefits of a multifunctional printer. For the better connectivity, you can download the driver software from the official website of the manufacturer, or you can use the CD or DVD driver offered by the manufacturer with the printer which will be an easier choice. 

  1. Boost Productivity 

When you have to work at a single machine for copy, print, and scan, then you spend more time on that machine, but it makes you super productive with the use. It requires fewer efforts, and the advantages are way high than you may expect from other options. 

Bottom Line

Keep it in mind that if you have a normal need for scanning documents, then it is better to spend a few bucks extra and getting the best all in one printer. It doesn’t matter that you want inkjet or cartridge, it is all about the functionality and features mainly. 

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