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The increase in sugar levels of the Indians will soon make India the capital of Diabetes. The fact that Indians eat a lot and exercise less is evident for the increase in blood sugar levels, cholesterols and in turn diabetes. Sugar levels can be controlled by having a good regime of maybe a workout or by practising regular yoga.

Yoga Asanas to Cure Diabetes

#1 Pranayama

It is a very simple asana of breathing. You must inhale oxygen which helps to oxygenate blood and improves the circulation. It calms your mind and leaves you fresh.

You must sit on a mat with folded legs. Back straight. Eyes closed and slowly inhale and exhale.

#2 Dhanurasana

This is an ideal asana for a stronger spine.  It lessens the stress and tiredness you. It also relieves menstrual pain and constipation.  It shouldn’t be practised if people have high blood pressure or any neck issues.

In this particular asana, you sleep on your stomach and your legs lie apart. You hold your legs with your hand and slowly stretch yourself upward. Your upper body also gets lifted.

 #3 Paschimotasana

This helps in the circulation of blood all over your body and especially your face. It makes your tummy function better and makes the thighs stronger. It also loosens the muscles of your arms and back.

In this particular asana, you sit with your feet close to each other. Then you touch your hands to your feet and your head to your knees. Also, your elbow must touch the ground.

#4  Chakrasana

This is an interesting asana. It relaxes your spine and also relaxes your mind. You feel stress-free after performing this

In this particular asana, you lie on your back with your legs lying apart. Then you invert your arms in such a way that the palm touches the ground. Slowly you raise your body and then your toes. You leave your head free.

This pose is great for stretching the spine and relaxing the muscles of the back. Moreover, it helps relax the mind and make it stress-free.

#5 Setubandhasana

This pose helps to improve digestion, improves concentration, relaxes your mind and also maintains your blood pressure. It relieves the symptoms of menopause and gives exercise to the neck and the spine. This pose not only helps to keep one’s blood pressure in control, it also helps to relax the mind, improves digestion, relieves the symptoms of menopause in women, and stretches the neck and spine.

In this particular asana you must lie flat on the floor. Then you push your body in such a way that the knee rise and your hands touch the heels of your feet.

#6 Vajrasana

This is a basic asana to improve digestion, concentration and posture.

In this particular asana, you have to kneel down on the mat and the top surface of the feet should touch the ground. Your back must be straight, chest out, palms on the knees and eyes closed.

So, these asans must be performed o control diabetes. They must be performed under someones supervision who can also explain you the pros and cons of the asan.

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