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Do you have a bunch of clothes for ironing every day? It is literally boring and tiring when it comes to do regularly. But a steam iron can make ironing fun and simple and your garments will get smoother and crisp like new. This type of iron uses steam to do the job faster. You will not have to put a lot of effort and time to iron. However, like any electronic gadget, this appliance is no exception to positive and negative sides.

So, let’s check out some of its pros and cons.

Pros of a Steam Iron

You may definitely want to know how a steam iron can benefit you and save your day before buying. So here they are

Water Tank – Unlike any traditional dry iron, steam iron has water tank to hold up to 1000ml of water. It saves your overall time to iron your clothes by creating steam with a steam generator.

Produces steam – It produces steam to remove wrinkles off your clothes and make them crisp and wearable. It has a separate boiler in steam generator which gives powerful steam to do ironing on fabrics for longer period. The more pressure it does creates, the more steam gets into the fabric. You can achieve perfection with ease.

Good for vertical ironing

It is yet another advantage. You have to iron long and thick contents. You can’t simply take them down. So, you can easily iron them vertically with steam iron.


It is an important consideration when using any electronic appliance. Steam iron is very safe to use. Most new models come with auto shut-off feature. If it is left idle for 10 minutes, it will turn off automatically to prevent accidents.


Yes, price is always matter whenever we purchase a product for our home. Please check online reviews of steam irons, and buying guide when you purchase it.

Cons of Steam Iron

Refilling – Don’t buy steam iron with small tank or you will need to refill it again and again. It no longer produces steam once it gets empty.

Not suitable for all fabrics – You can iron linen or cotton fabrics or any soft cloth with ease. But you cannot remove creases on heavy fabrics like polyester blend or wool with steam.

Dripping – It is another common problem when water tank is not locked well. In that case, hot water may leak off and drip into the fabric or hand.

So, choose wisely while looking for the best steam iron in India. Thanks!

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