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Bikes, or motorbikes, are popular in the beautiful land of India. Well, there’s no one to blame here since cars are far more expensive when compared to price and maintenance. Furthermore, bikes can be greater when it comes to fastness in running. In connection to this, here are the 10 best mileage bikes in India

6. Hero MotoCorp CD Deluxe

Another motorbike that you need to consider in terms of mileage is the Hero MotoCorp CD Deluxe since it has 82.91 kmpl. Its 97.2 cc engine has a maximum power of 7.8 Bhp, while its maximum torque is 8.04 Nm. For color variations, it has 5 options.

If you are looking for the best mileage bike in India, you should go with Hero MotoCorp CD Deluxe as it delivers up to 82.91 kmpl of mileage. It features 92.7cc of engine which churns out 7.8bhp of power and 8.04 Nm or torque. It comes with five color options.

It is one of the most affordable Honda bikes as the ex-showroom price of CD Deluxe is ranging from Rs. 39,350 to Rs. 40,200. It comes in two variants – Hero CD Deluxe Spokes and Hero CD Deluxe Alloys. The CD Deluxe Spokes is the best mileage bike as it features air-cooled, 4-stroke engine and its price starts from Rs. 39,350 onwards.

CD Deluxe Alloy is the expensive variant which has air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with alloy wheels. Its ex-showroom price starts from Rs. 40,200 onwards. The bike features well-padded seat to provide good comfort. It has robust suspension so you can easily ride over broken roads.

5. Hero MotoCorp CD Dawn

It is such a typical motorbike that is sold in the beautiful land of India. Even so, this does not stop people from buying this bike. One main reason is the higher mileage of Hero MotoCorp CD Dawn, which is around 82.91 kmpl.

It is one of the best new bikes in India. It is very cheap to maintain, utterly reliable and best bike in India. It can run on all types of terrain and ride with full family. The CD Dawn is well known as the “Public Ka Naya Transport” in India. Its ex-showroom price is pegged at only Rs. 34,500.

It is the cheapest bike Hero MotoCorp has to offer. When it comes to looks, CD Dawn is as simple as a bike can get, with thin tyres, simple graphics, and no fancy plastics. The bike comes with 5 different color options.

CD Dawn is powered by 97.2cc engine which churns out 8.04Nm of torque and 7.8 Ps of power. The engine gives 82.91 kmpl of fuel economy as per IDC norms and it picks up speed from 20kmph in fourth gear. The bike is not much comfortable if you are a tall rider.

4. TVS Star Sport

With 83.9 kmpl mileage, TV Star Sport is absolutely a worth-investing bike. It has electric start, so you won’t have difficult moments in starting its 99.7 cc engine. It can store up to 12 liters of fuel into its fuel tank. 

It is a cool city rider and best choice for a daily commuter. It is the cheapest bike from TVS as its ex-showroom price is just Rs. 37,555. It has air-cooled, 4-stroke engine. TVS Star Sports City is more expensive but still affordable, i.e. Rs. 40,375. The Star Sports City features air-cooled, 4-stroke 99.7cc engine. It is a nice city bike with very bright headlight, and it is very light in weight.

But the major drawback is also in its weight. It often loses control while braking. But it can lead you to enjoy 75 kmpl of mileage if you drive at around 40kmph, though it is officially listed with 83.9 kmpl of mileage. Otherwise, it can give you at least 65 kmpl. It requires very low maintenance.

In short, it is completely a worth-investing ride. It features electric start and can store around 12 liters in its fuel tank.

3 TVS Star City

With the mileage of 83.9 kmpl, it is no doubt why TVS Star City is included in the list of 10 great mileage bikes in India. It has higher fuel tank capacity, which is around 16 liters. When it comes to price, it is quite affordable with its ex-showroom price of Rs 38,651.

It is a premium commuter from TVS which has great fuel tank capacity, i.e. around 16 liters. It is one of the top 10 bikes in India because it is quite affordable bike with Rs. 38,651 of ex-showroom price. It has been there for a very long time and delivering great performance, whether in urban areas or in villages. It is a nicely styled bike at affordable price range.

The side body features sleek body panels and enhanced fuel tank. The graphics flow nicely and provide the aura of style to the rider. The figures are great enough for a bike that costs below 40k. The bike feels really powerful to zip through the city traffic.

The bike feels calm at city speed and gets aggressive only in high revs. It is a sleek and light weighted bike which feels cozy around the corners. The bike is quite affordable for such amazing features.

2. TVS Star City +

This amazing bike from TVS has a mileage of 86 kmpl. Its rear and front parts are built with drum braking systems. It can store up to 10 liters on its fuel tank. In terms of color, you can choose between the three choices, which are oscar black, show-stopper blue, and celebrity scarlet. 

The Star City+ is the world-class 110cc commuter that is totally revamped facelift of Star City. This bike has been there for a long time in a stable of TVS. The small-fairing front has trapezoidal headlamp. The side profile has sleek body panels. Even tall riders can enjoy the ride comfortably.

The lean profile has pointed tail lamp which gets well with overall design. The instrument console is well styled and has a huge departure has LCD digital fuel gauge, trim meter, odometer, analog speedometer, and warning telltale lights.

The graphics deliver the air of style over the plain silhouette. The switchgear is nicely designed with a pass-flasher and engine-stop switch. The engine and alloy wheels are painted in black to add a feel of sophistication. The overall finish and fit is great in Star City+.  The fuel tank has the capacity of up to 10 liters. Its ex-showroom price is Rs. 46,664.

1. Bajaj Discover 100 T

It’s one of the company’s very successful bikes in terms of sales. One reason is its great mileage that’s around 87 kmpl. This bike has four color variations that you can choose from; brilliant blue, midnight black and blue, flame red, and midnight black and red. Its price is Rs 50,272.

Bajaj Discover 100T is considered to be one of the most awaited 100cc bikes in India. As per Bajaj norms, its engine is very refined. The engine churns out 10.2 PS of power output and 9.02 Nm of torque. It really puts it into the category of 125cc bikes. For the bike of its size, the engine gives sporty feel.

It has 5-speed gearbox which is great departure from its predecessors with slick shifts and up-shift pattern. The brilliant performance doesn’t overshadow its fuel economy. The bike can be considered sophisticated when it comes to braking and suspension. These departments are miles ahead of competition.

The rear gas charged shocks and telescopic front suspension are the best in this 100cc bike with no surprises. The ride is cozy and pliant. It has fabulous brakes and such kind of feedback improves even further with front disc brake.  The tyres rob the package with little marred grip.

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